adult muay thai classes

Muay Thai

Take your kickboxing skills to the next level with our Muay Thai classes at Storm MMA and Training Center in Laguna Hills. We offer Muay Thai technique classes where our highly trained and experienced coaches will guide you through the foundational Muay Thai combinations up to advanced Muay Thai drills. Learn to strike and defend strikes properly by drilling Muay Thai combos with a partner, on a heavy bag, and with a coach. Our coaches will train you how to knee, elbow, clinch, and kick properly, and counter strike and defend oncoming attacks.

adult muay thai classes

Self Defense

These classes are designed to not only teach you one of the most efficient forms of Martial Arts, but will train you to defend yourself in real life. Gain confidence in your self-defense abilities with the kickboxing and striking skills learned in our Muay Thai program. We will prepare you for success by drilling and sparring with partners in class. Gloves, shin guards, and a mouthpiece are strongly suggested for class. Take the world by Storm and join our Muay Thai program today!

We also offer Muay Thai for kids and teens as well as adults! Visit our Kids and Youth Programs page for more information.

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