kickboxing class instructor


Try our group Kickboxing classes at Storm MMA and Training Center in Laguna Hills. If you are looking for a fun, fast paced, high energy workout, Kickboxing is for you. Our trained and experienced kickboxing coaches will put you through a killer workout where you will burn anywhere from 800 to 1000 calories. The Kickboxing classes utilize fundamental kickboxing combinations mixed with calisthenics and plyometric exercises guaranteed to make you sweat, burn calories, and have fun while doing it! If you are looking to learn a new skill while getting in shape, these kickboxing classes are for you. Never take the same kickboxing class twice! Each kickboxing class is unique and new every time so you’ll never get bored of the same routine workout. Your body will continue to get stronger as long as you take our group fitness classes at Storm MMA and Training Center.

kickboxing class instructor
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All Skill Levels Welcome!

Not only are our kickboxing classes designed for fitness, our coaches will make sure you are learning proper kickboxing techniques and executing them on our heavy bags correctly. Anyone that takes our kickboxing classes will leave with better kickboxing technique than they had prior to training at Storm MMA and Training Center. All skill levels and backgrounds are welcome in these classes. Combinations and conditioning exercises can be modified so anyone from a beginner or experienced fighter can do it while still getting a workout. Don't wait to start your fitness journey and try a kickboxing class for free!

Take the world by Storm!

All you need to bring is yourself! We provide you with hand wraps and gloves on your first visit, and water and fresh towels for each member at Storm MMA and Training Center. Don’t wait to start your fitness journey and take the world by Storm! Contact us today to schedule your first kickboxing class!

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